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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avoidant Personality Disorder *cough*

I have a whole new truckload of stress coming my way.
Not so sure about the coping skill area.
My stubborn and strong..although less of late, doesn't usually let me down.

I mean come on folks.  If I were to submit this into the non-fiction section, it probably wouldn't be accepted.  Especially the last year.  Also. The other stuff.  So much of it I haven't blogged.  Because of the suckage.

So I'm losing my house*. *see previous posts.

I'm not so great with change.  I pretty loathe it.
But the whole "thrust" upon me thing is happening...and sadly not in a kinky way.
The soul sucking scum wad hasn't/doesn't pay child support.

But I hate this house anyway.
I've discarded almost everything, painted everything, started over,  and tried to make it mine.  Because this is where my boys (not girls) want to live.  See also poverty.

So if I have to move?  I should move somewhere I actually want to be!
Because poverty is universal.  I can be poor anywhere!!
Gawd, I'm funny.
I moved here because of that..umm..husband thingy? and his job?
I never wanted to live here.

But moving is a lot of work and entails social skills and interaction.
For example finding a new job.  I've been at mine for ten years.
Also living in a low income apartment.  Pretty much my only option now.  I haven't lived in an apartment since I was 17.  There will be PEOPLE around me. 

But guess what?

Bring it betch.


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  • At Tuesday, May 24, 2011 10:18:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, woman. What more can come?!? I am very happy to hear that you are up for the changes, though. Your last lines made my day.

    HUGS. Here's to hope.

    (Can't believe the effing bastard doesn't pay child support. I HATE THAT.)

    - wry


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