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Friday, April 29, 2011


Dear Non-readers, of this..??
Sorry, it only makes non-sense to me.

I got on the computer after fighting off a few children because I needed to BRAIN BARF.
And was momentarily hindered by an advert for "New ArmorGuard Composite Decking!"

Do you know who I am, dear ArmorGuard Composite Decking? Or what I've been through and what I'm dealing with?  Take your fucking deck, that I can not afford any way, and shove it under you fingernails.  Thanks. <3  With a guarantee!

Because of *see previous posts, I don't have TV, or land line.  I have my cell phone, which I loathe dearly.
I have Internet paid for by my renter (yes I rented out my guest house to survive. Woo) and Netflix paid by moi.
My boys have been little addicts of the TV show LOST recently, via Netflix.
I have been a partially compliant addict with them. 

We watched an episode tonight, where the survivors get off the plane. 
Umm...what is it?  The Oceanic six. 
And almost all of them are OMG welcome back, LOVE, MISSED etc.
Oh yay tender fucking shit yay.

And then there was Kate, who I'd always for un*known* reasons identified with.
Who had no one.  No one doing the OMG, LOVE, MISSED, thingy.
Just that baby in her arms.
That survived with her.
Just her terrible history to deal with, and a baby to live for.

And I cried at a fucking TV show.
Good Lard.
It's come to this.

Because I don't get parents, I don't get a husband, I get a fragmented family.
But I have children to live for.
I would have stayed on the Island with them.
Because at least when you've crashed on an island, you have a valid excuse for being alone.

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