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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun Stuff

The problem with talking with my siblings about the STUFF...
Is that they all remember so much MORE than I do.
And then they tell me about the STUFF.
Sometimes I remember it, and sometimes, mostly, I don't.

Their stories.
My stories.
Our stories.
It's a tough group to be a member of.

So here's a fun one.
Courtesy of my oldest Lesbo sister.

I've always been a huge animal lover.
Always liked animals more than people.
Blah blah blah etc.

She told me how my favorite dog died.
Funny hahaha and FUCKED UP SHIT, how I've never thought about it.
One sister says our "dad" broke my dogs back on purpose.
Another sister says that she was hit by a car.
Another sister says that the neighbors dog attacked her.

She was left with a broken back.
To drag herself around.
For about a week.
Until she died.

I don't remember it at all, and I'm fine with that.

I really think he was a psychopath?

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