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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The whole problem with being awake/aware and those ummm...what do you call them?

FEELINGS.  I think?
Is that you feel things.
And I have a whole lot of things that hurt pretty fucking bad.
And numb is still better.
But numb doesn't keep the marriage process happening.
And I'm totally loving the trails Dave and I are hiking.  The sweat.  The blisters.  The pain.  The stench.  IS SO WORTH THIS.
I can't get enough.
Bring it!

Today I had to go to RCD's office.  But I had to pick up Dave from work first.  With a little down time between picking up Dave and The Torturous RCD's Office.
So instead of 1/2 hour of dread death destruction time driving to RCD's office...I was just picking up Dave.  Sweet.  No problema chica.
And then I was with Dave, and Dave is butter dipped in special sauce and deep fried.  Super sized.  And free.
And Dave can make me laugh, safer, LOVE, powerfuller (real word because I just said so) harder than any other person on the globe.


So instead of being completely maxed out, forks and lemon juice in eyeballs, by the time I got to RCD's office, I was my version of relaxed, laughing and feeling groovy.

But relaxed, laughing and feeling groovy isn't very conducive to the NO.
"No one makes me bleed my own blood!" 
I talked people...I talked.  And I'm going to swim with the fishes now.  But dude...I'm freaking swimming!  Totally with orange arm floaties, but SWIMMING!
And I think it totally threw RCD for a loop with the "relaxed, laughing, groovy" because he has only seen the NO kicking and screaming.
And it was so many levels of ahhh-some! RCD being speechless.  WIN!  Jiggy win dance!

But yes.  And good.  And WIN. 


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