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Monday, May 17, 2010

Random thoughts of violence.

I'm so &^%$#!.
It's to early for the PMS thing*.

*Note to self:  Get those parts ripped out soon.

Apparently you cannot block numbers on cell phones.  We both called Sprint and they said NO.

Because exactly what we expected to happen, happened.
Dave called "it" and said to not contact anyone in my family ever again and if you do we will go to the police.

Within a half hour, "it" was calling Miki.
Always need someone weaker to manipulate.
But she is eighteen.  I can't get a restraining order for her.  She doesn't and SHOULDN'T, know the story.  Only knows the "IT" that tried to dote on her.  Groom her. (Is he her "it"?)
Miki was sobbing.
Dave called "it" back.
And asked if there was a misunderstanding with potty words.

But, "It" will never stop.   Never.  I just hope he dies soon.  I wish I could do it.
"It" is like the ocean.  The ocean does whatever it wants.  You can kick, punch and scream at the waves, but they keep waving.  The ocean still eats away.  The ocean just is the ocean.
I wonder if I lived in Utard, if I would have bought the shotgun already.  Because I've seriously thought about it from Washington.

And Dave is SO angry.  As he should be.  He wants to call everyone and tell them everything.  But it doesn't work like that in this world.

It took messing with MY CHILD to make me angry.  And holyfuckingwow with the ANGERRAGEDESTROYKILL.
Fun times.  Progress is just a party.


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