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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I don't like owing anyone anything.  EVER.
I'm sure it's a control thing.

I am "fortunate" enough to have pretty decent health insurance.
All of my brain dissecting visits are 80% covered $20 co-pay, no deductible and they are unlimited.
I don't feel bad about this, because I never go to the doctor and have paid $400 plus a month for twelve years to this health insurance company.
I saw RCD from Jan. to May.  Four months.  Once a week.  16x$20=$320.
I repeatedly asked him about it.  I NEED the bill.
He said...oh, and the people that handle my billing and something vague, etc. and blah blah blah.
I still haven't gotten a bill.

I'm thinking that he is the "LDS social services guy".  The one that the lovely 10% gross tithes pay for.  Because I heard "brother and sister" a lot from people leaving.

My name is still on the rolls.  I get the monthly relief society newsletter and the birthday cards etc.  The missionaries show up frequently.

So I wonder.
If the bill was submitted in that way?
And I wonder how I feel about that?
On one hand:  No way you sick fucking cult.
On the other:  Sick fucking cult should pay somehow.
It contributed a very large portion of my screwed up-ness.

So I'm mailing a cashiers check.  Without a bill.
Because of: NO. And WIN.



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