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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Exhibit A:

This is why.
This is why I don't tell people things.
Because I'm RIGHT.  I'll tell you WHY with endless justifiable EXAMPLES.
And then run to your fake safe place and try to tell YOURSELF why I shouldn't.  Why you shouldn't.
I hate being right all the time.

Tell people things, and they fuck you over.
Let people in and they tap dance on your road kill flesh.
People are here to hurt other people. 
Crawl all over you until they are at the top...and feel better about themselves.
This is exactly why there is NO intelligent design.
This is exactly why I am an Atheist.
LOOK AT ME and then try to rectify "intelligent" design.

And if there ever were a "god" out there...FUCK YOU, YOU SADISTIC PRICK.

Keri OUT.


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