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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Other stuff I've done wrong.

I feel so bad.

I joined the gym in November. Love it. Lost/losing weight. Amazing supportive friend joined with me.
It's an incredible stress reliever and I feel so much more powerful and healthy.
BUT the weather has been so amazing here. It's January and we're having strange 50 degree days. Plus the gym does get boring.
So we've been hiking/walking for the last two weeks and taking our doggies along with us.
Hers is a black lab mix about three years old.
Mine is Grandpa moses who turned ten in December.

He's so stiff and sore, and even though he could stand to lose a few pounds TOO, I think the five miles we hiked on Sunday really did a number on him.
I feel lousy for how lousy he feels.

Last year after the ocean, the vet gave us Lodine for his aches and pains. I also give him glucosamine treats.
I think I've been pushing him too hard.
It's hard to tell because he just enjoys it so much.
He does his doggy dance when he sees his leash.
I think I may have to realize that he is seventy in stupid human years.
It's so difficult to watch my best friend aging.
  1. Take him to the vet to get schooled.
  2. Maybe doggy booties because his pads are suffering plus puncture vines.
  3. Go back to the gym and stay in denial of Perfect Golden Retrievers actual age.

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