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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ahhh Suum!

I'm used to lumps in my boob.
WTF is up with this?
There is no laminated shower card instructing me to palpate this?

I noticed this last night, and thusly took the lousy palm centro pic.
The last time I was at the podiatrist (because my feet are ornery attention getters) was in May. He took X-rays of both feet and this (see attached) wasn't there then.
This is he behaving foot. The non cortisone shot foot. The favorite (my precious).
In my self diagnosing mode (meaning: avoid any and all dr.'s at all times):
It seems semi-attached to my ankle, not movable, not bony but not soft, more cartilagey (cartilagey is a real word that I just made up). It is a little tender, but that could be from me poking it, trying to get a confession out of it.
My RN sister says it some vague cyst don't worry (maybe she thinks she'll get money when I die) (she should know better).
My co-worker RN says get it checked out pronto (maybe she hopes I'll have to take time off and not have to deal with me).

I say this is the picture going on the Christmas Card this year regardless.
Hang that on your Christmas Tree, fuckers.

Not pictured: Perfectly Pink Pedicured toenails, with a CUTE (OMG!) flower!
Because that's what is really important.

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