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Friday, May 01, 2009

Of addictions, I have many.

Oh baseball, in all of your forms,
To you, I am your slave,
Of this I am sure.

It's no secret that I love baseball/softball etc.

I am a junkie.

All of my kids play for some reason.

It is my (nine year old twins) boys first year of pitch baseball.

No more T-ball.
No more pitching machine.
No more coach pitch.

This year in the (lack) of coaching, the coach just threw some boys at the mound to see what they thew back.

My twin A was not interested in pitching at all. Wasn't successful. With his energy level he is a perfect infielder.

My twin B, a lefty, was not too interested in pitching, but then sort of rocked it in a practice.

Tonight was game three of the season.

Twin B in his second EVER attempt at pitching, including practices, struck out four batters.

And I was thankful for the full face sunglasses to hide the embarrassing mom tears, and then I may have called all of my siblings to boast.

Winning at this age isn't the point. It is all about learning and experience, but ummm they (totally) won.
And I may have inappropriately cheered when he struck out the batters.
What do you expect from a junkie?

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