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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fuck you for a change.

I have, most often, succeeded in not being bitter.
Other times not so much.
I'm going to go ahead and give myself permission to be fucking pissed off.
Starting right now.
Retroactive 34 years.
I'm so weary of playing nice.
Especially since the courtesy is never returned.

If someone tried to control you and tell you:
Who to like, who not to like
How to spend your free time
Who to vote for/against
What clothes to wear, what clothes not to wear
Which buildings were acceptable to enter on specific days of the week
What type of peoples you were to associate with
To accept some family and condemn and reject others
What food and drink you were to consume

How long would you put up with their BULL SHIT?

Seriously ask yourself. How long?

I'll wait.




You wouldn't do it would you?

Or maybe you would?


Would you do it if they carried around a really old book?
Would you do it if they then asked you to kill your own son to prove how much you believed?
Or how about kill you if you didn't circumcise your sons?
Or if your child hits or curses at you, you must kill them?
Or at least wring off the heads of pigeons?
Of course you should punish your children for the failings of their great-great grandfathers.

And definitely murder anyone who doesn't believe what this person tells you to believe.

Come on now. That sounds totally reasonable. No?

Imagine if today, your teenage daughter came to you and told you that she was pregnant. But GOD impregnated her, because OF COURSE she was a virgin.

Today I'd be getting her some prenatal vitamins, a serious talk about truth, honesty and consequences of actions and then some serious counseling.

3000 years ago, I'd be all "SPOT ON!" for making up that story and not getting stoned to death! and churn the fucking butter already because you're going to need it.

What would you do?

Imagine if your fourteen year old boy went out for a hike and came back and told you that GOD gave him a vision to start a cult.

Today I'd be asking what toads he licked in the forest, checking into rehab pricings and serious anti-psychotic meds.

About 200 years ago, I'd.....make him SHOW me the gold and cash that shit in already, and not letting him near any younger female children, especially in groups.

What would you do?

I truly *think* <---key word, that if anyone examined their "religion" with a true critical mind, not fear, or an emotional reaction, or aged cultural norms, or a desire to control their existence or others...this fucked up world would be...less fucked up.

This entire post was prompted by how much religion has FUCKED with me and my family.

And society in general.

And I'm sick and DONE with it.

I've lost my parents and others to religion.

If it was cancer, it would at least have some hope of cure.

It's increasingly difficult for me to be an Atheist without the Angry part.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dear DOuG: I'm not popular! I'm a threat!

I don't believe in or like the word "GOD" but once in a while I still like to have some made up floaty white washed dude to rage against when things piss me off.

It's convenient, with no backlash, because umm, floaty white washed dude is not real.

Not very effective, but still fun.

So for now, I'm going to blame DOuG.
Sort of like GOD, but back wards, with a U (YES, YOU) in the middle.

You know how when people see their house floating away in a flood (I live in Washington, its a valid example) and they THANK GOD that they got out safe. I wonder why they aren't pissed off that DOuG caused the flood? Or proud of themselves for getting THEMSELVES out.
Every time I hear that shit it aggravates the ever permanent sore in my psyche.

Jeebus helped you find your keys, but 26,000 children died from starvation today?

DOuG gave you a brain but doesn't want you to use it?

When a certain teen-aged child of mine got into trouble for saying "Oh God" in a school function? I said, get pissed off any time someone says "holy cow", because that's really disrespectful to the Hindus.

I live in a rural DOuG infiltrated region and I just get tired of the self righteous Bull Shit (oops sorry Hindus!)

For example, the chick at work who told me she stopped using an internet dating sight (match) because they allowed too many Atheists and Agnostics on there and she would rather date "at least a Mormon" because they at least believed something.

Because believing in a floaty dude, with an extremely violent book and following, or a fourteen year old boy who licked a few too many toads in the forest, then said the floaty sent him a vision, then made up a bunch of nonsense, then married your wife after he sent you on a somehow...better?

Of course she had no idea that I am an Atheist because, THAT IS AN INAPPROPRIATE TOPIC FOR THE WORKPLACE.

Oh how I would love to be that inappropriate, sometimes.
But not very often.

The hardest part is when I actually like someone, and think we could be great friends. Yay!
And then they start gay bashing or some other DOuG sanctioned activity etc. etc. And the butt load of things we have in common can never compensate for that sort of ugliness.

And its so nice to be a member of the most hated, full taxed, mortgage paying, suburban, baseball mom, non represented minority:

Atheists Hated More than Gays, Muslims, All Other Groups

Atheists are hated more than any other group in America. Surprised? Atheists know this very well, but a recent survey conducted by the University of Minnesota has provided new evidence of it. According to most of those surveyed, atheists fall below Muslims, gays, and every other minority group when it comes to "sharing their vision of American society." Survey says (via Pharyngula):

Atheists are also the minority group most Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry.
I wonder how much animus towards atheists derives from the unwillingness of atheists to think in categories like whether they have the authority to “allow” their children to marry someone or not.

Even though atheists are few in number, not formally organized and relatively hard to publicly identify, they are seen as a threat to the American way of life by a large portion of the American public. “Atheists, who account for about 3 percent of the U.S. population, offer a glaring exception to the rule of increasing social tolerance over the last 30 years,” says Penny Edgell, associate sociology professor and the study’s lead researcher.
This won’t be a surprise to any atheists in America. Atheists aren’t tolerated in a wide array of contexts and there are many examples where bigotry or discrimination towards are atheists in contexts where similar behavior towards Jews or blacks would be unequivocally condemned.
Why are we perceived as a threat to the American way of life? There is just one thing that is common to all atheists: we don’t accept the common belief that some sort of god exists. Thus, the only thing that can be identified as “atheistic” is the failure to go along with the same beliefs as everyone else. For varying reasons, atheists are dissenters from popular beliefs. This would means that dissent, disagreement, and individualism are perceived as threats to the American way of life...

AND I don't like apple pie either.
Holy shit, someone call the CIA.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Someone should post already eh?

(WTF with the eh? I'm Canadian suddenly?)

Oh and, HI!

K luff ya bye.

P.S. Baseball/Softball/Spring YAY!