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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strep + pain in dah Hiz-house

I just have to mess with my 444 post count.

But 444 just seems so EVEN.

When I tend to be so ODD.

Not that this 445 will be noteworthy.

Please lower your expectations at this point, if you haven't already.

Two of my children have Strep. One nine year old twin is dealing well. One seventeen year old is a whiny, pathetic mess, but interesting to observe when taking TheraFlu.

Especially fun, when MOM tells TEEN she can't drive (under the TheraFlu influence) even in the worthy pursuit of PMS chocolate.

I predict whining on this blog in the future about my own scratchy sad throat. And the effort it takes to type to make you suffer with me. Because I share. I'm a giver.


I love to read medical blogs, and have quite a few of them on my list.
I was reading one of them, where she stated that she was an OB nurse because, "birth is the ultimate rush". I can see that. I did have four kids.
I mean, I even did the twin thing where one was vaginal with episiotomy and the other was Cesarean. With lots of stress or "rush" with an hour in between. Not knowing which baby to worry about. The birthed one, or the womb one.
I get it.


I say try the death experience.
It's not so celebrated.
It's not timed down to a + or - 9 month period.
It's not surrounded by people so excited to see what happens.
But I think it is JUST as important.
And I wish it could be viewed that way.

I work in a tiny little bubble.
Not the norm in the general population.
And for the first time, only three residents out of twenty four are younger than eighty.
Five of them are turning ninety in the next few months.
A 101. A few 97's. A few 93-4's. etc...
Most of them could kick my ass...and have, and will surely continue to do so.

I sometimes feel like I am a private documenter of silent history.
I wipe the butt's of people who fought in our world wars, and survived the last great depression etc.
What an un-tapped source and/or incredible knowledge and experience!
Being the age that they are, they have outlived most of their friends and families.

But I realize where this is going.
I know what happens next.
I know that I'm just about to lose a great group of friends.

And yes I've took the classes, read the text, seen the counselor.
I've heard the charge nurse tell me for eight years that I care too much.
I just wish as many people were around to celebrate GOING from this life as the COMING into this life.

All of this coming from an ornery Atheist. Who knew?

Spot on awesome old farts!

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