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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Multiple purpose posting

This is the post where I apologize AGAIN for falling off the planet.

  • I apologize.
  • Sincerely, and shit like that.

Also, I post about my crazy TBM father.

The latest news:
  • He bought a blow gun, bows and arrows so he won't be dependent upon ammunition when the world ends.
  • He built another huge outbuilding to house his ever excessive food storage.
  • He called my struggling teenager to tell her that going to college was a waste and offered her an acre of land in fundy land.
  • His wife sent out a Christmas calendar, with everyone (extended family included!) pictured but myself and my lesbo sister.
  • My Aunt favorite Aunt died recently, after a long battle with cancer. My Grandmother asked my Dad to call his siblings (he's the oldest) and his children to inform them. He didn't, but he did ask his brother a few days later if he could have his dead sister in laws car, because it wasn't being used anymore.
Also, my guest house flooded. Not only flooded but soaked and MILDEWED, because I was gone for the holidays PLUS I never go out there because I've come to LOATHE my guest house. Mostly due to the people that have inhabited it?
We have always kept the heat on there in the winter. I don't know if the heater failed, so the pipes froze, or if it was just too damn cold and water shorted out the heaters.
For some strange reason, I have a relatively low deductible.
If I didn't have a 17 year old that I want to banish, and that wants to live in the guest I house, I think I would have it bulldozed.
I AM sort of sad that, through the years of fixing it up, I replaced almost everything, but retained a few sweet 1948 (the year it was built) fixtures. But now the aqua counter tops, the pink Kelvinator stove, the round Firestone fridge, were all destroyed. Now in a sad dump pile waiting for the insurance adjuster.
The flood damage company we called in, gutted the place, and installed a serious heating/drying/generator/duct work system that ran for a week in my back yard. I woke up every 10 minutes at night, expecting a jet plane to come crashing through my window.

Speaking of teens and deductibles. In this same week, my car, driven by a TEEN! (because her diesel car revokes winter temperatures) got crunched, in a hit and run.
With a not so low deductible.
Can't even be seen for an estimate until the first of next month.
And my $30 a day rental car coverage? What is that? A Geo?

With sarcasm and angst,

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