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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Honest Realizations 12/21-12/27, 2008

  • The best part about my job sometimes, is that I can fart anytime I like, and everyone will assume it was one of my assisted living residents.
  • Tons of snow is beautiful and inconvenient, but can absolve me of traveling to the In-laws.
  • I mostly choose to be alone. Most of the time I don't mind.
  • I got the most insightful, thought-out gift that I've ever received this year. It brought me to my sobbing knees. Amazingly, it was from my husband. And I only bought him clothes.
  • I secretly love that my Sister in Law is a Jehovah's Witness. Because I don't have to buy her any gifts.
  • I can sometimes be more shallow than any puddle you've ever stepped in.
  • But, I laugh. I love. I hope. I try. I hurt. I need. I fear. I cry. I fail. And every once in awhile, every odd leap year on Tuesdays...I learn.

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