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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I realized, that I've only blogged wah wah, poor me CRAP recently.
I think I only vent my frustrations here, because I don't feel safe venting them anywhere else....and here, I'm only pissing off two readers. :o)
It made me wish that blogger still had the option to do an audio/voice post thing.
Because even when I'm bitching, I'm a happy bitch!
My "mother" calls my sense of humor, "caustic".
I call it, "sarcaustic"!
But not easily translated into print.
Example A: Print versus audio when detecting snarkiness:
  • Print: We had a norovirus outbreak at work. I cleaned up a lot of fecal matter.
  • Audio: Yay for fresh turds, they are much easier to clean up than the dried on dingle-berry/pubey plucking kind and hey, he's not constipated anymore! And! I got new hip-waders! Front to back mother fuckers!

Peeps, I apologize. On so many levels. :o)

I'm going to make a concerted effort to barf more of the good chunks. Of course there will still be some steamy chunks. With corn.





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