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Thursday, October 30, 2008


You really really want bacon for dinner every night, even bacon eternity. You believe in bacon! So you fanatically study books about bacon and talk to the ceiling about bacon every night. You leave the front door open for bacon to walk onto your plate. You disregard chicken, beef, fish, tofu and falafel, because bacon is salvation.
Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!

I'm just so frustrated THIS DAY about my father, and other religious fanatics. I haven't talked to him since last November and that didn't go too well.
His mind set and choices perplex me.
This all started THIS DAY with a general perturbment with family members of my assisted living residents.
Of 25 residents, maybe 4-5 have family members that actively visit/care/etc.
Then I had to make some self examinations.
Will I visit the parents when they are in that situation?
And then I felt like a hypocrite.
But then, I'm really good at rationalizing. Woo!
My twins turned nine in June. They are fraternal twins. They have never acted or looked anything alike. My father doesn't know which one is which. Hasn't ever called or even knew when birthdays or whatever were.
Because he is too busy being a fundamentalist Mormon, and stockpiling food/weapons in Southern Utah.
He's too caught up in MUST HAVE BACON.
I respect the bacon. I was raised with bacon.
I have what I have now.
I have today.
I don't believe in baconism.
I believe in truly, positively affecting the people I encounter and those that mean the most to me each day.
My main gripe with any religion is that it is so obviously man made.
It just boggles me that when people get to choose what to believe in they choose...that?
If I believed in a "God", she sure as hell wouldn't care what building I went to on Sundays, what underwear I wore, what water I got dunked in or who I slept with.
My second gripe, is the "know". I know it's true because I FEEL it. I read a book about it, and got a warm fuzzy I KNOW.
Well, I watched a porno one time that gave me that fuzzy feeling. Twice.
Sure bacon can be crispy and delight some, but some of us are vegetarians...and others of us have pet Pot Bellied pigs named "Pearl."

The important thing to me, and how I live my life is THIS DAY.
This day I will be there for my children/spouse/siblings.
This day I will give the best that I have this day.
This day I accept my flaws and yours.
This day I might fail, and I do, but I have this day tomorrow.
And if there was some sort of "God" where that isn't enough, then I'm fine with being voted off the island.

I wouldn't want to change my dad's views anymore than I would want him to change mine.
I don't want my dad to stop liking bacon.
I just wish he would look up from the bacon and see the people sitting at the table with him....and maybe pass some falafel?

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