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Friday, July 18, 2008

I got better.

So I suck at posting, but I have reasons (read in a whiny nasally tone you've learned from your teenager). (Also, fun to read out loud with a redneck accent, for reasons soon to be revealed!)

1- I'm tired.

B- Still tired Y'all.

3- Clean up too much poop at work but am unable to produce any myself, which makes me tired.

IV- And then I was all ...ZZzzzzz.

OK so really. I've been working full time since February, which is much like Wednesday. Because why the fuck is it spelled like that? But really I'm just trying to explain why I haven't posted as much as I used to.

Anyway, you've heard this story before, I work days, my husband works nights. Meaning, I am single parent un-extroidinaire every ding dang evening. And then baseball season started. In which each of my four children play, wherein some excel and some just play because Mama digs the baseball.

And then the sixteen year old lost her brain somewhere, and we haven't been able to find it yet, but only Maw and Paw seem to be concerned with the AWOL brain. And then Mama had to file a No Contact order on a twenty six year old pervert (pedophile in any reasonable book, but not according to Washington State laws, WTF?) so they couldn't "date" anymore.

And then the sixteen year old ran away.

And then Mama had to go to court a couple times.

And Mama had some serious fun with chest pains.

And then Mama had to endure a phone call or two by her Mormon fundamentalist father explaining that all of this was due to Mama's complete inability to be a submissive Joseph Smith sucking female.

And then Mama got called up herdamnself by the Sheriff's department for harassment against the previously mentioned pervert.

And then Mama called Jerry Springer and ate a moon pie.

Bring on the midgets and donkeys y'all!

(I seriously spelled "y'all" wrong but spell checker caught it, I can't even succeed at failing.)

So Mama rented a beach house for six days starting tomorrow minus one teen.

Buh Bye!

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