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Thursday, May 15, 2008

and I breathe

I've always played a game with my kids: "I love you bigger than ____"
There has been some memorable responses over the years. One of my favorites was, " I love you bigger than Costco."
Twin B told me yesterday, "I love you...vast."
Oh, to be proud of his eight year old vocab or emotional capabilities? <3

I've been really physically run down/exhausted this week.
I just deleted a paragraph rationalizing my illegal behavior.
Anyhoo, this exhaustion led me to break a law or two.
I came home after having," Dragon Ass" day at work and thought I could catch a wink before my twins baseball game.
Oh farteth mightily, we are in charge of snacks today.
So I let my learners permit daughter drive her car to the store...and fell asleep.
I know...I unlike me. I might get my paranoid OCD license revoked.
I woke up twenty minutes later when my daughter backed her very loud diesel over the fence in my drive way.
She then told me that she hadn't been able to start her car when she came out of the store. Now a little back story, we've had to change her alternator and have had some issues with the battery fully charging, so my daughter accosted an old man to help her jump start her car.
When asked why she didn't just call her MOM, she said, " I need to be independent, MOM*."
*single tear
Turns out that because she had taken Moses (golden retriever extraordinaire) with her, while she was in the store, he knocked the gear shift out of park.

Mothers Day has always been one of those days that I would really rather just skip. For multiple reasons.
I called my Grandma, I called my MIL, I called my SIL's, I called all of my sisters, I even called my "Mother."
But lost it when I called my youngest sister and heard the, "brave stress voice." She'd flown to New York the Saturday before Mothers Day, for her first baby, my beautiful seven month old niece, to have surgery.
The surgery lasted six hours and she has to be wrapped up like a mermaid and stay in the hospital for five days.
The hardest part right now, is that she can't pick up her baby. Tender stitches in tender places with a suppressed immune system.
My sister says that she's been climbing into the hospital crib with my niece and so far it hasn't broken. <3>
Just imagine not being able to hold your hurting baby in your arms?
I've been calling her a couple times a day, with "only temporary and you can do this, and emotional support" words.
The good news is, that the doctor that did her surgery is the leading specialist in the field, and he doesn't think that she will need any further surgery.
YAY holy sweet fat baby Buddha YAY!

My week long holiday beach house booking for July, one of the only things that has been keeping me sane, is in limbo.
I got a voice-mail saying I needed to cancel or change dates.
I've been going to this same place once or twice a year since I moved to Washington in 1994.
But now there are new owners.
Who apparently suck.

And Randy, your boys are beautiful! Have you considered adopting? Because there is a whole load of people (like me) who would love to have a father like you. What are your thoughts on adult children? Hehe. :o)
Ms. Banana, I'm so already considering having your surgery. And Springsteen! And awesome SonIL's!
Miranda, wow. You go...just, Snap!....Gloria Gaynor could learn a thing or two from you.
My faithful Vegas Joe, you keep me writing.
Brenda, Doug, Dave, Jo, Rory, and all of the deleters. I wish I could quit you. :o)
And to Bel, Wry, EWM, LFAB, SML, Todd, Tim, that I read all the time, but don't know me from Adam: Air five!
To my other past and present blogger buddies, I just planted this years warm tomatoes.

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