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Saturday, April 12, 2008

the BIG announcement!

Also Know As: "The big announcement!"
Or, "March, the shortest longest month of the year!"
The reason for this bloggers long absence!
With multiple choice!

And exclamation points!

  • No legitimate reason!
  • Make up your own, it's surely much more interesting!
  • Full time work, full time single parent, not time left full time!
  • Suffering from a mental illness!
  • Police tickets at the Gorge on my Birthday! July 12!
  • Umm, wait, what?
  • TV after an eight year absence, busy watching the Mariners lose!
  • Teenage driver's mother contemplates Ativan!

I decided a while ago that I c/would never delete this blog.

Too much herstory. Too much personal healing. Too much of a need to peruse my archives when I worry that I will succumb to the same mistakes...(note to self, bulldoze guest house soonly).

So, pardon the blank spaces. I'm here, even when I'm not.

And...I'll see you 'round like a toilet seat.

I'm off like a dirty shirt.

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