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Saturday, February 09, 2008

non-violent bullets of this week.

  • Tom the runt had his balls removed this week, just when he finally grew some fuzz on them. He's been very mellow since, but I think it's only because he's worried about what part we'll chop off next.
  • My oldest got a hardcore plastic drivers permit in the mail this week. The age I was when I got pregnant with her.
  • A new/old job, but full time starting on the 15th. How do you give two weeks notice before you start?
  • Major snow here. The indigenous residents don't remember this much snow. It's because of the - temperatures. Nothing is melting, just accumulating. The mountain passes to Western WA have been mostly closed for the last two months.
  • Blogger buddies have come and gone. I can't delete even when I should. Too much money for therapy if I do, but I'll catch them somewhere else. <3
  • My 10 year anniversary was yesterday. I was spoiled. I had an epiphany recently, courtesy of my JW, SIL whom I rarely relate to: Imagine waking up and facing the day without him?
  • My "mother", remember her? I'm the very last person who would have expected this.
    We talk at least once a week. Often more. She's changed. I've changed. Maybe it was a mutual lowering of expectations? We are both very guarded, but enjoying "whatever" this is, in this moment. And if that isn't the most serious HOLY FUCKING WOW, I don't know what could be?
  • My niece with the serious health issues, who just recently turned four months old, beautifully bucking the system. I know I'm biased, but she should be on a magazine cover.

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