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Friday, February 29, 2008

For Randy:

One of my favorite passages of my absolute FAVORITE book:

(Big brother [Irwin] gets good news about his Papa and gives his younger twin sisters [Bet and Freddy] an "airplane" ride, much to the dismay of his Mama)

"Ready aim FIRE!" Bet hollers when her skull doesn't quite smash against the steps, and Irwin zwoops them up and takes off sprinting. Mama watches, her hands flat on her head like a prisoner of war's, her bare toes writhing in her red rubber thongs, and weird, dog-like whimpers raising in her throat. But as Irwin roars around the yard and the twins scream and squeal, as he yo-yos and loop-the-loops them, almost but never quite splintering their sweet little noggins against everything hard, sharp and dangerous in the world, the whimpers move from Mama's throat down to her belly, change into laughter, and gain volume and power till she's howling and helpless, her face young and wild and pretty as the delinquent teenaged daughter she looked like seconds ago. Irwin pretend-trips on the water faucet. He pretend-crushes the girls when he falls. He pretend-screams and flails the twisted arm and leg he's pretend-fractured. And the three of them, the two of Mama, the entire five or six of us laugh like there's nothing funnier in this world than crushed toddlers and fractured limbs."

"The Brothers K" by David James Duncan

(I've recommended this book so many times, and given away so many copies, that I may as well just slap on a name badge and start knocking on doors)
(I recognize that if you weren't raised in a stifling religion [like I was] and worship baseball [like I do] and have an awesome family [as I do], this book might have to be your second favorite.)


  • At Sunday, March 02, 2008 5:02:00 AM, Blogger Cynthia said…

    That is awesome writing. I'll have to put that book on my wish list. I'm still reading through my "Redemption Falls," re-reading some paragraphs 3 or 4 times just because I'm so in love with the writing.

    --Randy, using my wife's account because I'm on her computer and I'm too lazy to log myself in, then log myself out and log her back in again.


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