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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The year I framed the Christmas wish lists.

I wasn't able to talk my oldest daughter into seeing a therapist. Forcing kind of defeats the purpose. So she's taking Nexium for the ulcers.

Anyhoo, I asked my kiddos to write up their Christmas wish lists and then went shopping.
I live in 53 miles south of nowhere, so I had to drive a bit.
I was glad that I didn't read their lists before I left, I could have saved some gas, but wouldn't have had the quality time sobbing in the parking lot.

Twin A, MFA, wants a lamp. You know like, every eight year old boys deepest desire. It was the single item on his "list." Oh, the selfish desires!
Twin B wants slippers. Big dreams, that boy. I assume he wants one for each foot.
My younger daughter wants to go back to Utah for Christmas. (Me too chica.) Teens these days!
Oldest daughter spent the most time writing her list and I wondered if I was going to have to mortgage the house.
Her "list" said, "cheer up Mom, I love you. Thanks for everything. There is no way I would have made it through the last few months without you. I already have everything I need, except for a date with Michael Buble. (plus a lot of personal etc...that I can't share).
Signed, Your freakin' daughter.

And my cup runneth over. I'm the richest Mom in the world.

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