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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ell Oh Vee Eeh

I'm so lonely for my family.
Even my husband whom I live with.
He works nights and I work on call, whenever, whatever and most weekends.
I tried to pack for him today and instead, wound up crying in a pile of clothes that smelled like him.
It's pretty pathetic, when the most profound interaction I had with him this week was, doing his laundry.

My boys had been playing in the back yard when they both ran into the house and went into the bathroom together. I heard cupboards opening and much discussion and after a few minutes, they ran back outside.
When I corralled them later, I asked about the strange bathroom incidence.
"Twin A got a sliver and I helped him get it out."
"OK, whoa, I'm the Mom, that's MY job! I'm supposed to do that, plus it needs to be cleaned and bandaged and...are you guys just getting too old?"
Twin A &B both climb on my lap with snugglies and Twin B says, "Mom, we need you for the comfort."

My oldest daughter is going through some tough times. It's never easy to be a teen. Especially when her friend just killed himself, her and boyfriend of 9 months broke up and she has a new niece with serious health issues. Her grades are suffering for the first time ever.
I've been dragging her out of her bedroom for lattes, retail therapy and any other reason I can think of.
I'm starting to get worried, and I hope this next week that we'll spend with our Utah family, with intense lovey supporty huggy shit will help snap her out of it. Plus, just the two of us are driving her new (new 1979 Mercedes diesel that my brother bought and restored for her) car home from Utah. I'm really looking forward to fourteen hours alone in the car with her at max. 55 MPH, seriously.

My thirteen year old remains perfect, with general awesomeness. I worry that she doesn't get enough time from me, because she just excels in every way. So I've been chasing her down lately with extra "comfort" and so far she isn't protesting.

All of the kittens except Tom The Runt found really good homes. They all went with good people/friends. Poor Tom The Runt is stuck with us. He just took so much work to keep alive, that I couldn't give him away. Ever the hard ass that I am.
He thinks he's half dog half human, because that's all he's really known. When I take the dogs out to pee, he has to go too and is a pretty good supervisor.

That's all for now folks. I'm off to Utah to snuggle the newest and oldest members of my family...and everyone in between.
I'll be sure to post more obnoxious pictures when I get back.

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