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Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome to my world.

I took some cute pics, but I can't find my USB cable.
I suspect my boys commandeered it to lasso some rogue plastic toy soldiers.

When I got home from work yesterday, my Wonder Mutt had somehow curled herself up into the laundry basket with the kittens...AND...was letting them nurse on her!

Today, my Wonder Mutt has fully declared herself as the Mommy and growls at my Golden if he gets brave enough to come within 5 feet.
I've been sending her lactating vibes, in a totally non-selfish, every two hours feeding sort of way. Hee?

The laundry basket was pretty cramped, so a sympathetic neighbor gave us a large TV box to house my new residents.
This same neighbor also informed me that the Mama cat was abandoned by another neighbor who recently moved to Arizona.
After some lengthy discussion, I realized that I have been taking care of this losers Mother for about two years at work.
I didn't know it because he hadn't ever visited.
Anyone sensing a trend?
I put the Wonder Mutt Mom in the TV box with a body pillow which she quickly chewed to shreds and they are all now comfortably resting in messy foam oasis.

Because I am STRONG, the black and white runt is being called Tom.
The other four are: George the Orange Ornery, George the Orange Fat Fuzzy, George the Stripey Face and George the Stuffy Nose.

I put some cat food out on my front porch for the abandoning Mom slut, because that's how us hard-asses roll.

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