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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My new niece, my sister and my brother in law.

Daddy and babe.

Yummy fingers.

Loving support.
Dearest Gizele Mae,
The day you were born, I called the hospital in Utah and got your Dad on the phone. He didn't speak much English at the time, so I said, "Keri,...Baby?" he said, "Keri, baby...beautiful, baby beautiful!" and some Portuguese mixed in with tears.
Your middle name is your Moms middle name and also your Great Grandfathers only sister's name. She died a few days before you were born, but you would have loved her.
I've already heard that you are just as feisty as she was.
And your, to be so lucky to have her as a Mom! She is my youngest sister and you were her first baby.
You're not old enough to appreciate how smart she is. How beautiful she is...and how desperately she wanted you.
Your Dad moved from Brazil to the US because he loved your Mom so much. It was hard for him to leave his home, family and adapt to a new culture and language...but love is worth it.
It's obvious that you already have him wrapped around your perfect little fingers.
You were anxiously awaited. You were born into, and now an awesome addition to the most amazing family ever.
You have the strongest support system in the world.
I haven't met you yet, but I already love you beyond all words.
I know you have some serious health issues and a difficult, uncertain road.
I know I'll have to wear a mask the first time I snuggle-buggle you, just like everyone else has.
But, we're all here...and with you every step of the way.
Aunt Keri

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