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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The soon-ish pictures.

My last post depressed me so much, I dug out the "soon-ish" pictures that I promised from my Utah sisters visit to her Washington sisters a few weeks ago.
Good times, with captions!

My niece Twin A, my oldest daughter, my niece twin B and younger niece!

This looks like a lot of kids, but actually, one twin is missing. My sister and I are very fertile.

Another shot, with the same missing twin (I think she was pooping) and one of my twins missing (he was feeding Pearl the Pot Bellied Pig).

My sisters grapes. I'm trying to talk her into a private lesbian wine label.

Niece twin A being very gross...GAWD I'm proud!

My niece who is a few months older than my twins. I have a great picture of her somewhere, where she is hugging my very pregnant twin belly.

My Washington lesbian sisters pygmy goats.

My twin B, Mr. Napkin Head.

My niece Twin B, my second daughter, and my niece twin A.

My Utah sister and my nephew.

Their visit actually made it more painful for me. To actually see how much they've grown, how much we've missed. The whole cousins growing up apart from each other thing was especially sucky. They moved away two+ years ago, but my Utah sister has finally started putting in applications in Washington. She is an awesome bi-lingual teacher, so get here already!

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