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Friday, August 10, 2007

Maintain an appearance of truth or reason

It's that time again.
When 'normal' parents are hustling to do the school clothes/supplies thing.
I'm a little OCD, so that part is long over (says the queen of online shopping, because the social anxiety loves the on-line stores where I only have to deal with, irritating the crap out of myself.)
The sports physicals and the immunizations are done, even the first of the HPV series for my daughters.
So now is time for stressing about things that are beyond my control.

Ahh, one of my favorite activities.

Oldest daughter: I just filled a prescription for her. We have always been very open, which I feel very lucky about. She is 15 1/2 and this prescription is to help treat acne (please, I have more than she does) and to regulate her periods. Hey, I'm just thrilled that she is able to talk to me about it...while I silently freak out, and mumble random statistics.

Younger daughter: She starts middle school this fall. She is crazy nervous about the entire thing. Especially, the showering after P.E. dealio. I've brought forth my invisible pom poms, and am, as always, in her corner.

Twin A: His expressive language issues have taken a real nose dive this summer. Being the Mom, I've never had a problem understanding him, but I've noticed a serious regression, unlike any other summer break. Dad has even had problems communicating with him, and unfortunately, Twin B has once again taken up his post as a translator at times. His most amazing Speech Language Pathologist that he had been seeing since he was three, took a new job this we are sort of in, "holding our breath" mode. We were so spoiled by her amazing awesomeness. The new SLP has some serious herculean shoes to fill. For someone with serious expressive language issues, like my boy, an amazing SLP is crucial. Even a decent one could seriously impede his progress. I can't even consider the effects of a lousy SLP. We were also very spoiled by his first grade teacher, who made it her first priority to understand my boy.
She chose his second grade teacher for us, but again, with the very large shoes.

Twin B: He's always pretty mellow, but excited that his mother is considering letting him (and his twin) ride his bike to school, sometimes, every third leap year, on odd Tuesdays. It's only three blocks. No biggie... but OMG three blocks! with intersections! and the umbilicus stretching and possible pedophiles! (Shut UP Internets! They can ride their bikes! Plausibly.)

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  • At Friday, August 10, 2007 1:12:00 PM, Blogger JoeinVegas said…

    Three whole blocks on their own? Come on, that's what gas guzzling SUVs are for.

  • At Saturday, August 11, 2007 1:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    K, all those un-nameable worries I had with my own kids came flooding back to me while reading this. Having all that behind me now, I wish I hadn't worried so much. But I know nothing could have stopped me. You stay strong and remember to let them (and yourself) make mistakes sometimes because that's how we learn.

    - Phoebe


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