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Thursday, August 16, 2007


It seems like the last few days, everything I said should have been followed by some sort of very, quickly spoken radio voice (any comments made by this human need to be taken with a god damn grain of salt fuckers, and don't necessarily represent her normal disposition. Subject to change.)

But, you WILL! be eating the broccoli.

Mostly, everyone was spared.
Although I do sort of regret telling my very ornery 15 year old to, "change your damn tampon already."
I'm becoming to believe that Mother Nature invented hormones and the teenage years to ease...or obliterate, attachment issues, so they can better ease into adulthood.

BTW, Ebay has some great deals on luggage (insert disclaimer)

We're doing the annual pacific ocean beach "vacation" soon, and sand/waves/seaweed usually fixes everything.
Either way I'll still have some awesome shells and Tracy Bonham to remind me that, EVERYTHINGS FINE!

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