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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chronic failures lead to * and ?

This profession I've chosen?
You are who you associate with?
I've struggled with that, but have always thought I was some sort of (ego) exception to the rule.
I do make a difference to actual patients/residents that I work with, but no further.
That is usually enough for me, but the other side gets VERY tiresome.

I wasn't at work when it happened.
We had a resident fall and break her arm, sent to the ER (in the same building, same hospital). They took and X-ray, said...eww yeah that sucker is broken and sent her home, back to her room, back to us.
Because it was Friday night.
Now, if you or one of your children had gone to the ER with a broken arm, they would have either fixed it, or sent you off to someone who could have.
Not sent you home.
No matter what day of the week it was.

Apparently, certain parameters permit substandard care.
  • Advanced age. (she is only 72, and a full code)
  • Mental issues. (she is developmentally delayed)
  • Medicare. (longer forms to fill out)

Two+ days later, no longer the weekend, her arm was finally set into a cast, and she was brought back to our assisted living in an awful state. The most pressing at the time was that she was a type II diabetic that had missed two meals, not to mention the extreme pain and exhaustion she was suffering.

I was at work this time, I fed her (got a little crazy outraged when they tried to admit her back to our assisted living facility) and hauled my pangaea ass over to my unit nurse, to the charge nurse of the entire hospital and then to administration.

She finally got her admitted to acute care, and I called the state hot line.

Whatever fuckers, I'm a mandatory reporter of abuse, and I just didn't/can't/won't see it any other way. It is what it is. I'd like to hear your opinions after trying to live and sleep with a broken arm after almost 72 hours.

Our "assisted living" facility isn't capable of taking care of someone who has such issues (pain management [we only have a nurse for about 10 hours a day and last time I checked there were 24] ambulatory issues [we are a "no lift facility" and thus aren't able to help someone in/out of bed, on/off the pot etc.]

Years ago, the charge nurse told me I was in the wrong line of work because I cared too much. She told me I would burn out...oh about seven years ago.

I'm finally thinking that maybe she was right all along, I just might "burn out" of this kind of lousy shit...and no one in THIS facility seems to appreciate my large mouth.

So here I am again, with enough money and desire saved (again after the $2400 root canal of spring 2007) to go back to school, but now with a LARGE asterisk and question mark.

I AM in the right field, but maybe I would be a better ombudsman, advocate, or social worker and if that fails, PROSECUTOR.

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