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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Call the calling off off.

My younger daughter had her last series of tryouts for her tournament softball team last Saturday.
She didn't make the team.
She was #14 on the list of 13 allowed players.
This was earth shattering for her, thus her family.
It's not comforting to her, that the she was #14 for a highly competitive tournament team that had many players try out from a huge square mile area.
It's the ONLY team for her age group this year, last year, there were four.
She feels rejected.
She played for them last year.
She had been taking private lessons from the assistant coach for the last two months.
She cried herself to sleep in my bed, and I held her all night while my heart broke into little bits.
The next morning, she brought me her bat bag, with her all her ($$$) equipment, and asked me what she should do with it.
The coaches weren't thrilled with the decision they had to make. They see her potential, her drive and determination.
They asked her to keep coming to practices.
On one hand, that sounds good. If she doesn't keep up her skills, she won't ever be able to play at this level again.
On the other hand, is it just a set up for more heart break?
I also wonder how bad it sucks for her sometimes to have my oldest daughter as her sister.

My oldest daughter came upstairs last night, LONG after I thought she had been asleep.
She has this friend, that was her best friend when we were first transplanted to Eastern Washington.
They are still good friends, but their lives took different paths.
She called her last night and told her that she was pregnant.
She is fifteen.
Her Mother lives with her Mother and is unemployed.
Her Father is a druggie that somehow holds a job as a janitor, but doesn't have a car and walks or stumbles to work.

I can't seem to find this chapter in the parenting handbook.

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