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Thursday, August 23, 2007

and I think to myself...what a wonderful world

Trouble move from me.
I don't want no more of you.

I've dealt with a recent nasty bout of quasi-depression, but a new and improved? agitated version.

The damn dogs woke me up tonight, I surmise, barking at invisible squirrels.
Dearest Canines, you don't even like nuts. STFU.
I rushed out to assess the extreme damage and utter chaos that must have been ensuing...because of all the barky bark barkiness. With barking.

I stepped on Legos, and couldn't open the front door due to a rainbow array of flip flops that have taken up residence at my front door.

And I guess I'm on the upside now.
Because I was all sappy about the Legos and the little boys who built the Lego fort.
And the teens who worship summer like I do, and hate real shoes like I do.

I've only got a few years left to get blood blisters from Legos.
I've only got a few months left to share flip flops, because the teens seem to be growing water skis for feet.
And my Golden Retriever has more grey hairs than my husband.

Let's hug now.

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