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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wow, what a week.
I got home about 1am this morning (had to work at 6am) from a 5 day softball tournament in Portland.
(Dear Seattle, I love you like I always will, but you could take some serious cleanliness cues from your city to the South, Portland was beautiful).
It was the last tournament of the season, the last time my daughter will play for this coach/age group.
It was nice that they won the championship, but it came with a large dose of reflection from the girls...and maybe parents.
I never quite saw eye to eye with her coach, but always respected and appreciated his devotion/sacrifices he made for the team. I always tried to let him know as much.
Their practices were held for the past two years on a softball field he had maintained on his own property for years.
He won't be coaching anymore. This was his youngest daughter, and he has decided to let his Softball field grow over.
In my classic melancholy over dramatic style, there just isn't anything much sadder than an empty, overgrown, neglected baseball/softball field.
On this same note, one of my (not favorites, because that hurts too much) awesome residents at work was getting some help from me while she was showering this morning.
Warm water, old age and weak bladders inspired her to ask me a question, after we had to shower again due to previously mentioned issues.
Resident:"What is the only thing golden about the "Golden Years?"
Moi: "I don't know?"
Resident: "My urine."

One of my best friends, the lady who does staffing for the hospital got fired today. She has worked there for nine+years as a CNA/staffing, has never called in, in the seven years I've been there. She was THE fucking ROCK for the staff, and saved many peoples jobs, because she would pull her magic wand out and cover any shift when needed and/or crises arose.
She was basically fired over a personality conflict with a new DNS, with a very large head.
She is 47, a single mom, because she took in her sisters children when her sister got shipped to Iraq.
I'm not sure that I can be employed at a company that treats their staff like that.

Everyone has read on CNN or news source of choice about the nursing shortage.
Again, I maintain that it's not a lack of nurses or even people going to school to be nurses.
They/we quit and/or burn out, MOSTLY due to lousy administrations.
(insert story here about my sister/RN who had a traumatic hysterectomy at age 28 and her being forced to work in OB and subsequently being written up for subordination)
Not to even mention inadequate pay and horrific schedules (sister exhibit A: 12 hour shifts for 17 days straight)

And the softball season, the summer, most likely my job is slowly winding down.
But tryouts for next year are in a few weeks, and I hear Taco Bell is hiring and Avon wants me

(Oh help me teenage Jeebus!)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I just turned 33.
That alone should inherently suck enough.
I thought I had finally figured out that each birthday is progressively worse than the last.
But, sweet baby buddha, this one literally stank.
I could have said, "this one took the cake", but that would imply that there was an actual cake involved.

On the birth DAY I dropped my oldest off at her coaches house @ 5:45am to head for California for the Western World Softball Series.
That sucked, although she is an old fart now, I've never shipped her off with anyone but family, and until now, I had never missed one her games.
Then I went to work and worked a double.
There is something very depressing about waking and wiping stinky the butt (yes I meant "stinky the butt" as a inappropriate coping label) and then wiping it again at noon, and then the final wipe before you tuck them in.
My husband was absent, a job interview, completely stressed about a possible job change after 12+ years at his current company.
But the final straw, was that the only person that actually remembered my birthday, was a card from the Mormon visiting teacher, that I've never even met.
Oh COME the fuck on already.
MWFAC (Married White Female Aspiring Curmudgeon), seeking permanent cancellation of all standard celebratory expectations.

So I bought myself a chocolate cheesecake, crest white strips and a pair of sweet chacos.
Happy Birthday to me fuckers.