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Monday, June 04, 2007

Stronger than the monster beneath your bed

I asked my Grandma one time, when I was still young enough to believe that the world revolved around me, who she loved the most.
She lived with us at the time, and I thought I knew the answer, or why would I ask?
She told me, that she loved all of us equally but focused her love on whoever needed it the most at the time.
Not the answer I was looking for, and didn't give me anything to taunt my siblings with.
It took me a few years to understand that PEARL of wisdom (my beloved G-Ma name is Pearl <3)>with her Masters Degree, and her husband is, IMHO, an all around ass and hasn't ever or is unable to just fucking step up already.
My baby brother is moving to Australia as soon as our sister's baby is born, but it will leave him homeless for a few months because his house has already sold (queue guest house music here).
I haven't talked to my two foster sisters for quite awhile, and frankly, I'm afraid to call.
And somehow, I'm the sibling that is doing OK...and I'm glad I have Vonage and free weekend minutes on my cell phone.
We all gave up on our "parents" years ago, but we have each other, and that is more than enough.

  • The new job is good, although I have dress code issues.
  • Pheebs, I will send you a Joost invite as soon as I figure out how to do so.



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