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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Woo.

  • I did mitigate my *&%$@# traffic ticket, and got a "continuance." If I don't get another ticket in a years time, it will be expunged. Woo!
  • Expunged is my new favorite word. Woo!
  • My baby sister IS having a boy, as I predicted. His name is Sam and we plan to welcome him on October 10th. If he is anything like my kids, he'll be very late to the party. Woo!
  • This past weekend my oldest daughters tournament softball team took second place, my younger daughters team didn't play. The previous weekend, my eldests team took third and my youngest team won the entire tournament. Large Woo!
  • My itsy bitsy baby boys turn eight this weekend. I plan to expunge (expunge count: 3, wait 4) June 23rd from the calendar, because my babies growing up is just rude. No Woo.
  • I had a mature moment, and decided to call my Father on Fathers Day, but did a happy little jig when I got the answering machine and didn't have to actually talk to him. Woo, guilt free pass!
  • Woo!
  • Except for the non WOO'S that the blogger world is sick of me blogging about.



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