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Thursday, June 07, 2007

One time at band camp...

When we got home tonight after another softball game, my boys were and had been bored out of their minds for hours.
It's a lovely side benefit of the family living on baseball/softball fields.
They started digging around in the entertainment center for a video to watch.
(Because, NO homework! School is out in two days!)
We don't have TV programming, (7+ years Whoo!), so the offspring have seen most every video/DVD we own 48.3 bazillion times.
The boys must have been really desperate, so they dug deep and found a home video of me in one of my glorious high school marching band competitions and popped it in the VCR.

Back story: growing up Mormon, piano lessons/musical instrument playing was mandatory.
I've never reacted well to "mandatory" (number of monthly mandatory staff meetings that I have attended in almost seven years? Two.)
Anyway, after years of piano lessons, and many grey hairs (um..sorry) given to my instructors, my parents finally had mercy on them and let me quit.
But when I went into high school, they insisted that I be in the band.
So I played the drums.
Because that's about as edgy as you can get in band.
It turned out to be the only reason I kept attending high school.
Also, behind the band semi-trailer was a great place to hide and smoke pot.
But I rocked the whole mandatory band gig.
In fact when I was a Junior, my percussion instructor from the UofU was hooking me up with a full ride percussion scholarship.
I fucked that up...literally, when I got pregnant and dropped out.

I never forced my girls be in band, they chose to, maybe because of my constant piano playing and my positive band stories.
The oldest daughter, the Freshman, lettered in band tonight. Three times.
She plays the tenor sax for jazz band, solo ensemble and the tuba (every young girls dream instrument? Hee!) for symphonic band.
My younger daughter is in sixth grade and is the first chair trumpet.

The moral of the story: I had a very poignant life lesson in store, but I forgot it?
But, it was fun to watch that vintage video, and band geeks UNITE!



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