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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joe's Five Questions:

Mr. Vegas recently asked me a few questions.
Because someone recently asked him a few questions.
Five to be exact.
It's a viscous cycle folks. (WTF is meme?)
You are next.....BRUUuuhhhHaaHAaa. >:o)
(Insert sooper dooper fancy HTML link to Joe's blog here:) Nice Keri. Real. Fancy.

  1. How many miles a month do you put on that car? I bought the vehic in February of 2003. I have put 60+-,ooo miles* on it. Woosh, that's enough math for me, I'm all tuckered out now. (*my husband car pools to work (never drives) and my work is three blocks away, so I usually walk.) Do you do all of that stuff you aren’t supposed to while driving, like eat and put on makeup? Never. No cell phone while driving either, not even hands free. My kids are in the vehic with me 99.9% of the time, and you may have read somewhere that I can be a little bit of an OCD freak? (did you all get how he snuck in another question there?)
  2. As a sex goddess, are your worshipers fully subservient? Whoa Nelly, I wasn't aware that I was an ousted sex Doggess, but now that all y'all know, you fuckers better get to kneeling. (Not really, or wait...yeah)
  3. How many text messages a day do you send? Zero. In my twelve years of having a cell phone, I think I've sent two. They were to my high school daughter replying to her text messages saying, "Aren't you supposed to be learning? and NO, I won't bring you a latte or a pop tart." If I want to talk to you, I get all old school and verbalize.
  4. What do you intend to do with your new school learning? Change careers? My skool lernin's have been halted of late. When I do go back, my focus hasn't changed. I still love every aspect of nursing/care giving...except phlegm. I have viscosity issues.
  5. Are you happy? It feels really great that this was the easiest question. Sweet Baby Buddha on a pogo stick, I am happy...ROAR!



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