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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Someone I've only talked about once on this blog in three+ years, is my Father.
This photo is the picture taken of him before his Mormon mission.

When I try to write about him it comes out, ei2ndslf altkf and sometimes dixvkeos but also ubh8st with a lot of oi*wbn!

In my adult life, we've always talked at least once a week and generally had a mutually positive relationship.

Now there are some issues.

Some present some past.

A few I can't bend on.

One thing, not the HUGE thing, is that he has really started pushing Mormonism, something he's never done before. We used to mostly agree to dis-agree, with a large dose of respect of each others choices.
No more.

I think it is mostly due to his age and his Mormon afterlife beliefs.

He is 62 this year, one year younger than when my Grandfather, his father, died from a genetic heart condition.

So it's hard to have these issues.

It's hurts that my children don't have a participating Grandfather.

There are a million excuses, the biggest being that he has a new family/wife, a biological daughter younger than my boys and the miles between us.

If he visited tomorrow he could only correctly name 2 out of four of my children and he doesn't have a smidge of alzheimers.

This still isn't the big issue, surprisingly, but the big issue makes the smaller ones jump out and scream at me and let me just say that that the issue seriously needs to purchase some new pom poms.

Yuck for all the cryptic shit, I hate it when people do that.

It's so frustrating, why CHOOSE to write about something on a public blog but only give fractal info?

But, the big issue, will be another couple thou in therapy and a few years before I can be honest and type about it coherently.

It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it.



  • At Saturday, March 17, 2007 3:23:00 AM, Anonymous wry catcher said…

    Ugh. My mom has started pushing mormonism more now too. I find it quite stressful, frankly. After all these years, she's now going to let religion get in the way of our relationship? I guess I can understand wanting to be more 'faithful' as one gets older, sort of after-life insurance, but still. It sucks. Sorry to hear about it.

    Good luck to you in working out Huge Things as well.

  • At Saturday, March 17, 2007 3:58:00 PM, Blogger Ann said…

    Therapy is the bomb. People who say good things about you are helpful, also.

    I fully understand your reluctance to talk about some things out on your blog. I've had about five really interesting ideas that I would love to talk about but DH would shit. So I don't. I'd like to have a secret blog, or maybe I just need a secret identity, but there are people who actually try to figure out who undercover folks are by their writing styles, and my run-on sentences would be a dead giveaway.

    But enough about me. What do you think about me?

    S'okay about the dog having the same name as me. I think it more likely that you nicknamed me AFTER the dog, which is only vaguely less insulting. :)

    Too bad about the pushing of the mormon stuff. I'm drifting back into the circle (it's weird, what happens to people) but I hereby solemnly swear that I will never, ever say anything more religious than "praise the goddess" to my beloved ex-mo pals. Unless y'all reject me, in which case what do you know about the purpose of life? Would you like to know more? (ducks...runs...really, really kicking me....)

  • At Saturday, March 17, 2007 6:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Keri, I know of one unspeakable, huge issue that is too difficult to write about, and causes one to spend years in therapy.

    Just thinking about it makes me see red, so, yeah.

    Ann --

    Start a secret blog.

  • At Saturday, March 17, 2007 6:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    - Phoebe

  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 8:45:00 AM, Blogger Randy said…

    Could the peddling of Mormonism be somehow compensatory in your dad's mind for the Big Issue? If it is, and it's insincere, you might want to call bullshit on him and shut down the religious talk.

    We had a remarkably Missionary Moment-free weekend in Salt Lake. It was nice to have DW's family see that we're not hostile to the fact that they are believers. It was also kinda fun to goof off in the fortress of the faith.

  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 1:21:00 PM, Blogger JoeinVegas said…

    How about a couple of bottles of wine to start out the therapy? Those should be close at hand.


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