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Monday, February 19, 2007


Twin B...ob The Builder.
Ignoring the mother in hopes she will get that damn camera away from my face, a.k.a., the calm before the storm.

Can you see me now?

Mo patiently riding in the car, and someone messing with the date and sepia features on the cam.

Steamers on the Seattle Waterfront. Yum.

Best church eh-ver, in Seattle. "You are welcome here, come as you are." With gay pride colors and a Melissa reference.

Takin' a break and Rockin' the converse.

Two of my favorite men, with polar hair issues.

He was kicking my butt, err, I mean, I let him win.

For Joe in Vegas, I thought about it too late to get a good picture, sorry 'bout that.


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