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May contain traces of nuts.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Logic is a very broad term.

It makes sense to me?

When my second daughter was about two, we were out and about in our yard in Western Washington. I was doing something with the flower beds, weeding I think, when I noticed her hunched over something. I called out to her, and of course she ignored me, so I walked over to see what she was doing.
Stuffing some funky Western Washington mushroom in her mouth.
Growing up in Utah = No funky mushroom experiences (that I will admit to.)
I panicked, dug every bit of funky mushroom I could see out her mouth. Then I took a hearty bite and called poison control.

When my oldest daughter was about six, I caught her eating some berries off a bush while we were out hiking. She started gagging because they were so bitter. So I ate a few, hurriedly hiked home and called poison control.

My, ahem/cough, logic was, that if it was something harmful, I would be able to more accurately describe, know and understand what was causing the problem and it's affects, or if was sympathy induced.

Shut up.

Today, I gave my son an herbal supplement (Gotu Kola) that my MIL sent that supposedly helps with brain function (whatever, she is obsessed with labeling him with some sort of dis-function that she feels like she can fix, because Apraxia doesn't have an easy answer). Safe, herbal, MIL sponsored? OK, I'll play, but still take a drink first.

I sipped it, and it wasn't too bad mixed with OJ, and gave the rest to my kiddo.

Ten minutes later, my face, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, were itching. 15 minutes later, my throat and eyelids started swelling shut.

I took some Benadryl, my husband stood at the door contemplating driving to work or driving me to the ER.

Son was completely fine, in his room, engaged in an argument with his brother about dragon vs. Tiger.

The Benadryl worked, the swelling went down and I can breathe, but I'm still pretty itchy and have resorted to a topical benadryl solution.

I've always been allergic to cats, and recently had some nut allergy issues.

I did a google on Gotu Kola, and it doesn't contain cat balls, so I am at a loss? :o)


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