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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day and Night

Ms. Banana was right again, go figure. :o)

This last weekend, brought some very unexpected things.
My oldest and her REAL dad had some serious emotions/bonding moments.

I didn't expect her to realize how awesome her father is and how much he loves her, until she was MUCH older and out on her own and needed money. :o)
It was a stark contrast thing.
She shared some powerful insights with me.
One of them being, that her real Dad volunteered for the position, without DNA obligations, and has been there for her 24/7 for the last eleven years, and will continue to be, for every future step she takes.
The DNA loser, is just that, and nothing more.
I'm not going to go into much detail about his antics, because they were worse than even I had anticipated, and I really don't need Jerry Springer knocking on my door.

This weekend, truly brought the whole family closer.
When one of hurts, we all hurt.
The wagons were circled. :o)

Pheebs, I know that he was born Mormon, I don't know or care if he is anymore. I do know that he is one of those people who preys upon good will and will play any game long enough to get what he wants. (BTW, blog? Arghh!)

Miranda, I think our oldests should be pen pals. If nothing more than to have a safe venue to commiserate about their mothers. :o)


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