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Friday, December 22, 2006


I thought that once there was FINALLY an accurate diagnosis, I would feel relieved.
Answers! Some sort of point of reference!
I didn't expect to be SO angry, and I'm not really sure why I am.

Now that there is an exact diagnosis, I find that we are already doing everything we can.
Twin A sees his Speech Language Pathologist four days a week at school. Every other week we drive to a town an hour away, where he sees another private SLP for an hour.
The whole family has been on board with helping our guy from day one, with every suggested technique.
He has run the specialist spectrum from an ENT to a psychologist and has been seeing a SLP since he was three, BUT being diagnosed then wouldn't have changed anything.
Four years later: "Here is your tidy little label, keep doing what you're doing, because there aren't any more answers, BTW, he'll struggle with this for the rest of his life." It's great, I'm glad it's there, loads of information, but I hate it, and their stupid case studies that almost exactly portray my guy.
And here I am crying on the keyboard again, with this anger that I don't know what to do with.


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