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Sunday, November 26, 2006


I grew up on a small farm on the shores of Utah lake.
We always had a wide variety of animals needing some sort of attention.
When given the choice between household chores, or farm/outside chores, I was the one freely volunteering for any outdoor task.
I'm still that way, I'll take poop scooping outdoors over indoor dishes any day.

One day, with some free time, my foster sister and I were out exploring our acres, swamps and marshes and found a ducks nest. The eggs were light green and probably mallard.
We decided that the nest had been abandoned, and took the eggs and placed them under one of our faithful banty hens.
About a week later, three of the eggs hatched and Ms. Banty Hen was a devoted mother.
It was fun to see this red banty hen with her three little baby yellow "ducks in a row" behind her, she taught them where to find the tastiest bugs, and was even partly successful in getting them to "roost" in the hen house.
I wish I had taken a picture of Ms. Banty Hen, and her three little wobbly ducktards trying to maintain balance.
I watched them with a sense of pride/wonder, because I felt like I had created a family.

Then the babies grew feathers.
Then the babies found the stream.
Then I watched the mother banty hen frantically screeching and running up and down the river bank when her babies inherent instincts drew them to the water.

This is how I now feel with the whole parenting thing.
Especially now that I have teenagers.
I have to accept that they are unique and apart from me.
I've taught them the important things.
I've kept them safe.
But they have to be who they are, and grow and venture into the world.
Even though I don't like this water world, and may occasionally/frantically screech and run up and down the banks.


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