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Friday, November 03, 2006

Lotsa Outsourcing

Just because my time card and job description doesn't say "psyche ward", doesn't mean I don't work on one.
I mean I live in one, so I should know the difference.
Work example A:
I spent a good portion of time helping a 85 year old resident of mine "search" for her mother, under her bed, in the bathroom, in the closet, in the hallway etc, so she could apologize for losing so much weight.
Home example A:
I have a teen, tween and twins. I don't feel it is necessary to expound on this.

I'd like to talk about germs now.
This is evident by the fact that I just typed that sentence.
Work: Lotsta germs.
Four kids in three different schools: Lotsa germs.
Me: Gargling/bathing in Bleach.
Me: Wishing there was a demand for phlegm, because... I'm a giver.
Me: Wondering if now is the time to start my own 900 phone sex line, because now I have the perfect voice and could use the money for bleach.


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