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Monday, November 20, 2006

Gah 101, with bullets!

  • In an effort to not take this personally, I understand that the hospital has a completely new administration from top to bottom who have no clue who really does what. I left a "nice" voice mail with the Director of Nursing Services and asked to meet tomorrow. I will demand my exact schedule, part time, nothing less. I am optimistic because the job market for nurses aids is on my side, as is my charge nurse, staffing coordinator, my stellar performance reviews and the old farts love me. If that fails, I will give a one minute notice of employment termination, unlike the consideration they didn't give me. I won't feel guilty when they have to scramble to cover "my" shifts for the next five years, because they are chronically short staffed, and have chosen to disregard their per diem employees. I won't allow myself to be used as an unappreciated schedule filler. In addition, my older sister, an RN, recently applied and got offered a charge nurse position in the ER, for this same desperately short staffed rural hospital. If my meeting doesn't go well, she will refuse their employment offer. Because that what sisters do, and why should she accept their sub-standard employee practices? Spank you very much.
  • At what point does one realize that they signed up for this step parenting thing...Oh about twelve years ago, and that they are the adult, not the child? Evolve already.
  • I have amazing siblings, that I wouldn't trade for a truckload of gold, but have to be less open with a few of them to maintain our relationship. Because Joseph Smith was a pedophilic fucktard.
  • Too much of a good thing can be bad, i.e. flaming salsa shits of death.
  • Blogger friends disappear and you are left searching obituaries... Ahem...Cough...Jo, Rory, Ciara...Cough. Also blatant deleters, DooDude and Schmo(e), and another chronic deleter chick who has a true gift for words (I have to consult wikipedia before I respond) I loaf you long time.
  • So. And. Lie. Lay. Their. There. They're. Whilst.
  • My boy, just so you know who I'm talking about, the peach with the severe expressive language issues with major peta opinions, decided last summer to grow his hair out like his 15 year old cousin. Many shaggy months later, of course after school pictures, he was game for a cutting, and now I have a waste basket full of hair, and a new Chinese crested offspring.
  • Cabaret was awesome, in one instance, I was the lady laughing beyond normal socially acceptable time frames, because, ACDC doing the hokey pokey was just too darn funny.
  • No one can stone anyone until I blow this whistle!


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