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Saturday, October 14, 2006

She wants to be a Pediatrician.

I'm talking about my "job" again, so if you don't want to hear about it, you shouldn't have clicked my link fuckers.
I frequently barf, spew and pathetically profess how this is my "job" but I get more from them...And yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.
Same old shit, (that I wipe) right?
But THIS is one of the most informative life classes that I've ever taken, and the credits keep piling up.
I discovered a photo album at work recently, because Sundays can be slow, and I scanned the faces of people who loved, lived, and left.
Great memories. Not necessarily good, but great, in their impact.
I was just a blip in their span, but they continually influence me, and the way I live.

I also found some photos, that the activity person had taken, that I wasn't aware of.
My oldest daughter, who started volunteering when she was eleven.
There were pictures of her, pre-boob-essence, The Yahtzee Nazi, craft painting, BINGO spinning self...And she was so young.
I never could have done that at eleven.
Old people smelled, were scaly and scary!

I've worried that I exposed her to too much reality too early.
We've shed a lot of tears together when one of her Yahtzee players died, but she ultimately seems to have a much better grip on the life and death thing, than I ever will.
Four years later, she is almost fifteen, and still volunteering...Although, not as often because of various teen duties disguised as sports and boys.
Of course I'm biased, but I think what she does, and her longevity, is pretty rare for someone her age.

She has been more than a blip.
Most of my old farts recognize me as the chick in scrubs, and can't recall my name even if I held the prune juice hostage, but they know my daughters name, what day of the week she visits, and, by DOG she had better bring some better BINGO prizes next time!
I recently read an obituary in my small town local paper.
The facility wasn't mentioned, the caregivers weren't mentioned, but this now teenaged, volunteer was mentioned and thanked.
That's just pretty darn cool.


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