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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Royal pain in the ass.

It is my Freshman daughters first homecoming dance this weekend.
She also got voted in for the Freshman royalty Maiden? thingie? Tonight.
I know NOTHING about these things? The short time I did spend in high school mostly consisted of smoking pot behind the marching band trailer.
She's very down to earth, and laughed at herself doing a circle around the highschool track on the back of a car, BUT, is already quite fond of her new tiara.
When we got home from the football game, she headed straight for the bathroom and spent quite a while there.
When she got out, I said, "did the princess just take a dump?", she replied, "yes, but it is now considered a royal turd".
The funnest part of the evening for me was teasing her that I wouldn't write her a letter, to get her out of playing in and wearing, her pep band uniform...Because, damn that would have been an awesome picture.
Princess on BMW, with Tuba, in full band gear geeky glory, with the math club insignia.
Ahh, but there is always next year.


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