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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm sending it C.O.D.

I've run the emotional gauntlet on abortion every day since I found out I was pregnant at sixteen. I had the appointment. My oldest daughter was almost my aborted fetus.

There was a time that I could have been that condemning sign carrying Jesus freak pro-lifer outside of an abortion clinic.
But then I ditched religion, grew up, took a Biology class and located my brain.
My opinions/beliefs have changed more than Michael Jackson's face.

This post, the comments... Has me flabbergasted:

Is this the dark ages? What country do I live in? Should I sign my daughters and I up for female circumcision now?
My tubes are tied, but should I Fed-Ex my uterus to the White House?
Despite the fact that I would never personally have an abortion (I would use EC and they are NOT the same thing), it's my uterus, my body, and my LEGAL choice.

I rarely read comments on blogs, but I read every single one on this post.
I've copied (stole fair and square) and pasted the ones that made me erase the rest of my post, because they said it better than I ever could.

  • A good punishment for sex outside of marriage is forced childbirth
  • I wonder if doctors subjected men to the same treatment before writing scripts for Viagra? After all, men wanting to have sex should be married first.
  • I love how the moralist wants to make sure that no fetus goes unborn, but won't spend the money to clothe, feed, educate, house, and care for them.
  • Remember this story in the voting booth.
  • In this country no one has the right to legislate their religious beliefs. This country was created to escape exactly that idea -- a state instituted church. You need only look to the Middle East to see what happens when a religion takes precedence over the law
  • What if anti-depressant medication was refused to you if Tom Cruise or someone like him was a doctor?
  • You were medically= sexually harassed.
  • We're born with our sexuality: that doesn't mean we're condemned to live with the consequences unless we subscribe to a particular belief.
  • This is an unacceptable situation. We need to get engaged and work hard to reverse the forces that are trying to drag us back into an era where a few who think themselves "elect" rule the lives of the many. That, as I understand it, was the basis our country was founded on.
  • America feels like a theocracy sometimes. A sick theocracy whose holiest saints are corporations, and the most faithful thing the followers can do is amass fortunes at the cost of the poor.
  • I am so tired of grumpy old white guys controlling our bodies.
  • Horrible horrible. Fucking assholes.
  • That is so fucked up.
  • If you lived in a civilized country, you could get EC at any pharmacy, anytime, no questions asked. But apparently, you live in a third world country...
  • Gee, your misfortune not to have been a married woman who was raped. Then you would have really hit the jackpot.
  • What's wrong with these licensing boards that people can claim to be doctors and pharmacists when they'll tell you in no uncertain terms that they're not willing to do their jobs? You can't get a job at Wendy's and then refuse to give people their burgers because you believe meat is murder.
  • "how dares the inferior being called "woman" to have sex for her personal pleasure as the man does? It's the man's divine right to have sex with her if HE decides to do so and it's her duty to give birth to children in exchange for experiencing pleasure."
  • Since when do you need to meet a "moral" criteria to receive medical care?
  • Patriarchal, Christian fundamentalist society= USA.

I'm not Fox News, so I choose not to give attention to the Jeebus freaks and their backwards, mostly hostile comments, but I urge you to read her follow up posts, but put a neck brace on first.


  • At Wednesday, October 18, 2006 1:40:00 PM, Blogger Phoebe said…

    I'm just going to agree with everything you say because a) I do agree with you, and b) I don't want to read the fundies' comments.

    I can't write anymore. Every time I start to write, it starts with "Fucking Fundies..."

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