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Friday, October 27, 2006

Hurry up and slow down.

Clocks are dumb.
Not my biological clock, I have enough babies.
Although, I would love if someone near would have one soon, so I could change a few diapers, remember the sleepless nights, so my ovaries would shut the fuck up already.
I quit/postponed nursing school because it was too hard on my kids.
And me.
Trying to write a term paper with four lonesome weepy kids on your lap, makes the keyboard and creative juices quite inaccessible.
My personal desires, school, whatever, will always be there, but there is only a small window of time where I get to be the MOM, and an even smaller window where they will let me.
I really just wish that time would hurry up and slow down.
My oldest, has her first highschool homecoming dance thing this weekend (Highschool, WTF?)My second oldest is SOOOOoo menstrual, but we scrapbook and journal (Dear internets, you're not really be surprised that we pasted a maxi-pad and a picture of our red velvet cake on a celebratory scrap book page?) about it.
The boys, are just amazing in every way. They continually exceed their parents, the school, and societies expectations.

Tick Tock.


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