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Friday, October 20, 2006

Celestial Blessings

I just can't make this shit up.
I wish I could, because I could write a book and retire.

My Mother In Law was here for the weekend and left Tuesday morning.
She just had to put her dog, a very sweet, spoiled chocolate lab to sleep.
He was 13, had cancer, and lived way beyond expectations, because of her devotion to him.
She had to do it alone, because her husband was at work and Jim the dog, couldn't walk or control his bladder or anything else, and it was time.
She brought him home afterwards and buried him under her chestnut tree.
We cried together on the phone, and my boys sent her pictures they drew of Jim the dog.
She is a true doggy person.

While she was here, she spent a lot of time with my Doggy Moses. Just finding comfort and missing her furry friend.
He thinks he is a lap dog now, in all of his 85 pound hairy glory.
So, of course, she taught my Golden Retriever, Moses, how to fetch her a beer from the fridge.
You know, like you do.
She tied a dish towel to the fridge handle, and worked her doggy magic.
That folks, is another reason I love her.
I have been really fighting getting down right sick, I've had a sinus infection, that turned into a full blown phlegm attack, with chest and throat recruits on Tuesday.
So after she left, and I got my critters off to school I went back to bed.
Around noon a knock and bark woke me from my phlegm induced stupor, and I hobbled to the door in all of my messy hair, jammy wearing wonderfulness.
It was the Mormon Missionaries, doing the visit thing to a non-active member.
I croaked a Hello, and declined a handshake, because I'm selfish with my germs, and blocked the door from a full on frontal doggy slobber attack.
In their attempts to break the ice, they asked if they could meet my canine.
Moses the wonder mutt, maybe proud of his new trick, maybe now, assumes that all guests would like a cold frothy one, bolted out the door with one in his mouth.

I laughed, a phlegmy croak, and they laughed a nervous laugh, and left.
Imagine this from their perspective.
I must be the hung over, 2 pack a day scratchy throat chick, who has her dog trained to bring her beer in bed.

Or to bring beer to thwart Mormon Missionaries... if only I were that proactive. :o)
I'm confident that this experience will create a great faith promoting speech next Sunday.
Hehehehheh, but I wonder if they'll come back?
(Moses got a treat)


  • At Saturday, October 21, 2006 4:00:00 PM, Blogger Phoebe said…

    LOL!! Oh my GOSH that was funny.

    The best my cat can do is hork up a hairball on the doormat so that people have to really exert themselves to knock on the door without stepping in it.

    Tell your mom she can have my dogs.

  • At Monday, October 23, 2006 10:57:00 AM, Blogger Randy said…

    That's hilarious. My missionary/dog story took place in a "pre-suburban" part of town with two very nice elders. The front yard of this house was fenced. I stood outside my car with one elder, while the other went to the porch to knock on the door. They had made an appointment with one of the residents of the house, but he wasn't home. The guy who answered the door loosed his hound on the misshie. Fortunately, this elder was tall and athletic, and he was able to jump over the fence before the dog could bite him. All three of us were laughing out loud when we got in the car and drove off, which probably didn't make the guy in the house very happy.


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