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Friday, September 29, 2006

Not for the lactose intolerant

Because there is much cheese ahead:

I had no idea.
Today was the tenth anniversary of our first date.
apparently the spousal dude keeps track of these things (in my lame assed lack of memory defense, it was also his work anniversary and he got a raise today, so that mostly reminded him, and not that kind of raise you perverts).

My oldest sister set us up on our first date.
He called and thanked her today.
My youngest sister who worked at the Fall City Greenhouse, and unbeknownst to both of them at the time, sold him the flowers he brought me on our first date.
He called and thanked her today.
He did all of this before he woke me up this morning with latte in hand, while he let me sleep in, and single handedly got four children fed, clothed and off to their respective learning centers.

To be loved by someone who lives and experiences your every flaw?
Especially since the road has been rocky in the past year...Wait, more like, there were some big fucking angry boulders with machine guns, and we didn't have a map or body armor. When what you had was almost lost, it makes the remembering and the now...*insert really powerful irreplaceable word here*
The English language seems to be lacking in an accurate word to describe this feeling.

So...I'm loved, and ditto that.


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